Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kubelik conducts Verdi Don Carlos (Hamburg, 03/21/1978)

Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlos

Don Carlo(s) - Vasile Moldoveanu
Filippo II - Simon Estes
Rodrigo - Bernd Weikl
Il Grande Inquisitore - Kurt Moll
Elisabetta di Valois - Sylvia Sass
La principessa Eboli - Grace Bumbry

Rafael Kubelik
Hamburg State Opera Orchestra & Choir

Recorded: Hamburg, 03/21/1978



  2. Dear NVC,

    Thank You very much. This is an inhouse recording. There is bonus at the end of CD3 of Tosca. Do YOu have any info about the cast, date?

    Regards, Gabor

  3. Hi Gabor,
    My source material is from House of Opera. All their titles are poorly documented even the Don Carlos. The Don Carlos info is from the website you referred. So I don't have it either. Sorry about this.