Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Van Kempen conducts Mahler Symphony No. 4

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 4 in G major

Paul van Kempen
Hilversum Radio Orchestra

Corry Bijster, soprano

Recorded: Hilversum, 12/28/1949

Links removed due to defect copy pointed out by Neal.


  1. Dear NVC,

    Thanks a lot for this very rare upload. I am strating to download. Are You going to continue uploding lossless files or? Gabor

  2. @gpdlt2000,
    when you hover mouse over in the blog header area "the password is...", you will see it. :)

    I will share whatever best format I can get from my source. I only have mp3 format for this rarity.

  3. Thanks NVC365 for this upload: a real treat. Van Kempen was a good Mahler-conductor, but never recorded anything by this composer. Somerwhere in the radio-archives should be a performance of Mahler's third symphony, dating from 1955, but this fourth is really something special and never mind the sound quality.

  4. @lu/ion,
    The repertoire itself is the link.

  5. Thank you so much, nvc.
    Every "rare / old" Mahler is veeery appreciated!!

    And nice "enigmas" :)

  6. Thank you. Van Kempen & Mahler! Fantastic!!

  7. Thanks for the uploads. Is there any chance for reuploads of the Kleiber Das Lied and either Elektra? ET

  8. Thank you very kindly for this wonderful Mahler 4th Symphony. A very lovely recording indeed. Paul van Kempen has long been one of my favorite conductors, so this is a real treat to hear. I'm also happy that your site will be running up again.

    By the by, does anyone know what'd going on at the ahhfwww classical blog? The posts from the last weeks do not have any links--or at least it just looks like the links are missing. I'm really confused. Anybody have any idea where the links are to be found there now?

  9. I'm looking forward to this very much. Van Kempen was a great conductor and very few of his recordings are available, a real shame.

  10. Link removed due to defect copy pointed out by Neal.

  11. Here is my transfer....perfect, it's not, but it certainly avoids the problems of the commercially issued one, which in any case is only available with a $150 Mahler discography!


  12. which in any case is only available with a $150 Mahler discography!


  13. ,,,mmm,recordings before and after Dresdendämmerung
    are deadly approached.
    I hope that at some time in the future more light
    will be thrown on this subject.