Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thanks for you all. Blog update on hold temporarily!

Though all the post link files are still available, they are only downloadable by uploader. I don't know what next step should be but stop updating this blog for the time being. Any suggestion?


  1. Please don't close your beautiful blog! Wait...Things will change..there are also many serves working....

  2. If you like to have your links spread on many hosters, you can use http://www.mirrorcreator.com/ or http://www.embedupload.com/ . If you prefer one single hoster, at least, http://uploaded.to/ and https://www.rapidshare.com/ are working fine and are quite fast, in my opinion. But, please, don't give up! We have to win this fight!

  3. It's so sad to see every day a valuable blog to be forced to suspend its operation. I hope all this upheaval to stop soon, and I wish you not to loose anything of your hard work. Maybe temporarly you should check these alternatives.




    Wish you to return to action soon and stronger!

    1. Great blog. I love it. Simply love it. Drop fileserve! Why not use rapidshare or mediafire? Mediafire is much quicker tha fileserve, it's free and you download several files at the same time. It's ten times better tan fileserve.

  4. Dear friend, please write me.
    I hope that is resolved in some way.
    Personally I am using a private server that I access. Is a drag but now I can not think otherwise.
    And thanks for all the effort. Please do not disappear.

  5. @All,
    Thank you all. Looks like that we still have some options here. I am just concerned what the next target will be. The blogger owner? By all means I don't want to take any chance getting in trouble under such situation. ;)

    Will go private be safer?

  6. this is a fantastic blog, please wait a little while. I think that what Manrico said maybe be a right solution. Mediafire is a good solution. But please do'n give up :)
    All my greetings and esteem

  7. Dear Nvc,

    We are waiting for YOur decision and hope YOu will continue this wonderful contribution. Gabor

  8. Dear NVC,
    Please don't give up, my previous blog was deleted by blogger but i still make new. At this time is very difficult for everyone but please don't give up, we must stronger ... we will pass.


  9. NVC --- take heart and take your time about reuploading. You've provided many wonderful performances unavailable anywhere else. I no longer blog actively, but have two blogs that are still online --- despite the problems that Mediafire has with corrupt files (usually when they are very large) they seem to be the safest bet. And they are free to all, with simultaneous downloads. My experience is that once I have managed to upload something to Mediafire without errors, it STAYS uploaded. My other blog used Rapidshare. As long as I was a 'Rapid Pro' member I had no problems at all. I just didn't feel like continuing the blog and didn't want to keep paying for the service. From the news reports I have read, Mediafire and Rapidshare seem to be fairly safe from the kind of problems that have descended on other file-sharing services. We'll see about that, but they have been around since before the others and they are still standing, and I think that is a recommendation.

    Thanks again for all of the great shares (particularly the Bruckner!) --- step back, relax and repair the damage at your leisure!

  10. NVC, Fileserve is back. I am just downloading a file, and it is working normally. Checked some internet forums and users confirmed. These news gave me some hope -- I would just love to download all the Mahler-Rattle cycle. Good luck, and thans for all the excellent music.

  11. @Cristiano,
    Unfortunately all my uploads are all gone. :(
    I am still thinking what to do next.


  12. This is an unjustifiable disgrace. I hope the return of this fantastic blog and the blogger to find the means to continue sharing.

  13. So sorry, NVC. Agree with quantum: it is a fantastic blog. Thanks again for the wonderful music.

  14. Dear Classical Music Lover,
    A month ago I resumed posting to my classical music blog Kammermusikkammer (which is dedicated to classical and modern western music: mainly chamber, piano, and songs). The recent post is about Clara Schumann (and Hans Holbeins ambassadors).
    Please: May you add the Kammermusikkammer to your list (blogroll) of lossless classical music blogs? I already list your blog on mine.
    Yours sincerely, WMS.Nemo

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